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Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams are performed with state of the art optical equipment. In order to give you an accurate prescription with minimal physical contact the doctors use an electronic phoropter. Contactless Tonometry and Pachymetry are used to check your ocular health and maintain social distancing measures for your comfort and safety.


Come look at our wide array of frames and sunglasses including some of our most popular brands such as Gucci, Tom Ford, Maui Jim, Rayban, Oakley. We offer a variety of lenses to fulfill all your prescription needs, including Zeiss and Essilor premium lenses. Many coatings are offered including the blue light filter that helps reduce eye strain from digital screens. Combining our wide range of frame styles, and lenses we are sure you can find something that is perfect for you!

Contact Lenses

Dispensing of contact lenses is available for current users. Due to COVID-19 we are unable to perform contact lens fittings at this time for new users. We apologize for any inconvenience and will continue to update you on the situation.

Myopia Management Service

Myopia is the inability to see far (nearsightedness), due to an eye that is longer than normal. There are a variety of treatment plans available to you to help correct Myopia.

Retinal Images

Retinal images are available with our high resolution EIDON camera. The pictures obtained are examined by the optometrist and are an important tool in the management of your visual health. They can also enable early diagnosis of potential eye conditions. The College of Optometrists of Ontario recommends that patients opt for retinal images, however it is the patient’s choice as there is an extra charge.

Visual Field Testing

We offer visual fields testing which are used to determine if there is loss of central or peripheral vision. These tests can also be used to monitor preexisting conditions such as glaucoma. RCMP, police candidates, and people in need of approval from the ministry of transportation may require these tests.

Computer Vision

Between tablets, laptops, smartphones, and everything in-between, it’s common to develop eye problems related to screen time.





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At I See Eyecare we strive to provide you the best services for your vision and eye health. We offer you Comprehensive Eye Exams, with state of the art atmosphere and optical equipment, with our autorefractor/keratometer connected to our electronic phoropter we can give you a very accurate prescription. With our non-contact Tonometry, Pachymetry, and retinal camera we can assess your ocular health with minimal contact, to ensure for your comfort and safety!